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A bit about me…

Hi, I'm Lana. I'm passionate about usability, animal rights, and yoga. When I'm not obsessing over an ongoing project, I can be found in my favorite yoga studio, a dog park, researching a new tool or technique or reading the next book. I love binge-watching TV shows, on occasion, and am totally addicted to Audio books.

I feel my professional quest in life is to make technology accessible to everyone, by designing intuitive and delightful products that are not intimidating and are easy to use for all. I don't believe there's such thing as a user error. If the user made a mistake, the design allowed for it.

Originally from Ukraine, I currently reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with my boyfriend Michael and our three rescue dogs: Wilma, Zoey and Macho.

Please drop me a line to discuss your next project or with any questions.

Email: lana@dreamgem.net
PH: 305.803.0863

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